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About Me

Hello there!

I graduated in 2003 from Staffordshire University, UK with an Honours Degree in Computing & Multimedia. I have more than 10 years of experience in digital design and three years of experience in digital marketing. is my virtual playground where I showcase some of my most recent projects. Design and digital marketing is my passion and I truly enjoy working with local and international clients. I use research, strategy and problem solving approach to bring ideas to life.

Hazel Lee Entrepreneur, Senior Digital Designer & Marketer

My expertise and skills

Web Design 90%
Front End Web Development 75%
Print Design 85%
Social Media Marketing 75%
Email Marketing 80%
Brand Identity Design 78%

What My Clients Say

Lily Lee
Marketing Manager, IDP Education Pty Ltd

"Creative and meticulous."

Jason Sundram
Executive Director, NuSolar Sdn Bhd

"Hazel's approach is very methodical and creative. She's uses her graphic design knowledge, combined with advanced coding methodologies to create one-of-a-kind visually appealing websites. She also has the wonderful ability to put in to words what sometimes we cannot effectively communicate to our intended target audience."

Barry Swales
Director at Tucana

"She's easy to communicate with and really understands what I need. The artwork produced are very good, with clever usage of colours especially on the design of the logo."

Marketing & Communications Manager, BubblePack Pty Ltd

"I love the clean & neat design approach. I also like the fact that she has a good understanding of graphic design principles and always trying to match the design brief requested."


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